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July 9, 2018
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July 16, 2018

Service quality can make or break your business. Companies that rely on field-based workers need to get top performance from their workforce throughout the service delivery chain. The challenge is to deliver an exceptional brand experience while balancing labor costs and compliance risks.

When you’re operating with a large, dispersed field-based workforce, you need exceptional visibility into your workforce. You need to be able to monitor workers who perform their jobs where they are delivering service — in the field. Are you placing the right technician or agent with the right skills in the right place at the right time? Are workers taking meals and breaks as required by regulations? Are they reporting their time accurately? Do you have tools in place to empower agents to deliver the level of service that results in satisfied customers?

Even with solutions for dynamic scheduling and routing in place, you need a workforce management solution that delivers real-time visibility into workforce performance and costs, so you can align your workforce with demand;  monitor and manage performance in the field; understand the costs of idle time, absenteeism, and overtime; and utilize accurate workforce data to encourage top performance and proactively address problem areas. Kronos® for Field Services provides workforce management solutions that empower employees and managers to deliver exceptional service and drive profitable operations for field-based organizations.

Key Benefits:

  • MONITOR THE PERFORMANCE and costs associated with a dispersed, field-based workforce.
  • PLACE THE RIGHT TECHNICIAN, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.
  • MANAGE WORKFORCE COMPLIANCE across field workers with consistent application of all work and pay rules.
  • DELIVER EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE by empowering field-based workers with self-service.

“Our products are really our people, who are on the frontlines delivering service to customers. Delighting our customers is our top priority, and employee satisfaction is a key part of delivering on it.” — Kronos customer Renee Cacchillo, Vice President of Service Delivery, Safelite AutoGlass

Controlling costs and delivering exceptional service.

Your people are on the frontlines with customers all day, every day. Field-based workers play a critical role in delivering on the service levels and expectations of your customers.

Your workforce can make or break your organization, and it also represents a significant part of your operating costs. Being able to minimize the costs of unplanned absenteeism, overtime, and idle time are key to your ability to deliver more profitable service to customers.

Kronos for Field Services allows you to proactively manage labor to budgets, so you can flag and reduce unnecessary costs. And by identifying the best-fit, best-cost, and most skilled workers for each job, you can improve profitability and customer service.

Kronos for Field Services gives you tools for flexible scheduling, helping you ensure service levels are met while you control costs. With real-time visibility into field performance, you can make quick adjustments to meet customer demand and avoid a decrease in net promoter scores. Delivering employee self-service at their fingertips on mobile devices for managing schedules, vacations, benefits, and shift bidding increases employee satisfaction. And happy employees deliver great service.

Seeing your workforce clearly, in real time.

With a disparate workforce largely doing their jobs in the field, it’s critically important to have visibility into their performance. Your goal is to maximize technicians’ productive time and minimize costly idle time; technicians and agents are profitable only when they are providing service to customers.

Kronos for Field Services helps you maximize productive time by ensuring you have the technician with the right skills and experience assigned to the right job in the field. With realtime visibility into workforce performance and costs, your managers can make proactive decisions to optimize labor use without sacrificing customer service. Mobile tools allow you to respond quickly to employee requests and schedule changes so technicians have more time to focus on helping customers.

Minimize compliance risk with accurate data.

Ensuring that all time is paid accurately to workers can be challenging with a field-based workforce, where workers spend their days out of the office and often do not clock in at a central location. Kronos for Field Services automates attestation, giving you a valuable tool for managing and monitoring actual time worked and for monitoring meals and breaks. This gives you enhanced visibility into your compliance with the labor laws, rules, and regulations that affect how you deploy your field workers. With these rules automated, you can take steps to improve workforce efficiency and productivity.

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