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July 5, 2018
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July 11, 2018

Today’s competitive staffing industry faces some formidable challenges, including increasing costs, stricter compliance requirements, higher client expectations, and growing demands. You’re under constant pressure to attract new business, retain existing clients, and protect profits, while making sure your employees deliver high performance on the job. But how can you achieve these goals when you’re focused on timekeeping, labor cost tracking, and billing complexities? Kronos® for Staffing can help.

Designed to meet the unique needs of today’s staffing agencies, Kronos for Staffing is a single, fully integrated system that can help your organization better manage employee time, costs, and performance. A configurable administrative console lets you view all employee information — stored in a centralized database — on one screen for more efficient and effective workforce management. And flexible, scalable, cloud-based delivery supports evolving requirements even as your organization grows and expands. With Kronos for Staffing you get the complete automation and high-quality information you need to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity for more competitive and profitable agency operations.

Key Benefits:

  • GAIN REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into your workforce — across all client locations — from a centralized administrative console
  • STREAMLINE TIMEKEEPING AND PAYROLL processes for perfect paychecks and faster time to cash
  • MANAGE IN THE MOMENT using powerful mobile capabilities as well as email and text alerts
  • MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK with automated enforcement of work, pay, and regulatory rules
  • DELIVER SUPERIOR SERVICE by onboarding clients quickly and addressing potential issues proactively

Simplify time and attendance management.

Manage a diverse set of employees across different locations — whether they are salaried, hourly, part time, or full time. Kronos for Staffing makes it easy to keep tabs on unplanned absences, tardiness, and overtime that can impact services and send labor costs soaring. Alerts notify managers when timecards need approval to avoid delays. Automatic enforcement of work and pay rules and support for multiple approvals help ensure that employees are paid the right amount for time worked. And automated features help you manage your Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance strategy and maintain your preferred part-time/full-time employee mix.

With robust mobile capabilities, self-service, and automated alerting, Kronos for Staffing instantly engages employees and allows supervisors to manage in the moment. Your employees can submit timesheets, view schedules, request time off, change cost centers, and even punch in and out with GPS — all via an Apple®, Android™, or Windows® mobile device. Managers can approve timesheets and time-off requests, make timesheet corrections, manage schedules, view reports, and access employee information from anywhere, at any time. They can even notify employees of schedule changes via email or text alerts.

Increase your competitive advantage — and your profits.

Let Kronos for Staffing handle timekeeping, labor cost tracking, and billing and invoicing so you can focus on delivering superior service to clients. With this powerful yet easy-to-use solution, your frontline managers and corporate decision makers have the automated features and real-time visibility they need — at their fingertips — to manage labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and optimize employee performance for bottom-line impact.

“With Kronos, we can provide world-class service to our clients, especially those with high-volume demands.” — Steve Hill, National Director of Implementation, Aerotek

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