Companies are often forced to hire more people just to handle payroll-related requests and disputes. With CPI Outsourcing, we can help you automate your payroll processes, enabling you to reduce the man-hours and peripheral costs that come with requests and queries for payslips, compensations and benefit records.

Payroll Processing

  • Managing payroll may seem like a simple task but growing employee demands and requests require timely replies and immediate solutions. Without careful attention and if left unresolved, disputes and errors can lead to a dissatisfied – and ultimately, an unproductive workforce. A payroll processing system should thus be transparent with immediate results and real solutions yet maintain cost efficiency.
  • Provide your employees with the convenience of viewing their payroll record anytime and anywhere with ClickPay Online. The opportunity to review and assess their own salary accounts for an employer-employee relationship built on trust and mutual satisfaction.


In line with our paperless campaign, we came up with Clickpay online: an electronic payslip that saves companies from printing thousands upon thousands of payslips.

This electronic payslip contains payslip and IPR (Individual Payroll Report) of the current year, basic 201 file of an employee like information relevant to payroll processing such as basic pay, tax exemption unit, and payment scheme that are maintained and updated, detailed information of running balance and monthly amortization of both company and government initiated loans.

This innovation will help companies lessen its carbon footprint.


CPI Outsourcing offers the first end-to-end government compliance solution in the country that will take away the tedious tasks of application, registration, payment, filing, and posting of your remittances.

CPI Pr1me will help you administer, manage, and go over your SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, and BIR requirements. As Pr1me ensures 100% government compliance and eliminates delinquencies, penalties and reduce the cycle and waiting of employees, you may focus more on your strategic pursuits.


Workforce Management System

Adopting an automated timekeeping system in the Philippines can help your organization take on the challenges of an evolving workforce. Kronos offers deep functionality for time and labor tracking, advanced scheduling, analytics and, and complex absence management.

An automated time and attendance system is, after all, a way for your organization to save money and eliminate the tediousness that come with using manual processes.

CPI Outsourcing and Kronos are working together to bring in products such a cloud-based workforce management solution that allows companies, whether small businesses or multinationals, to gain a competitive advantage by fully automating the necessary and often labor-intensive business processes of time and attendance. If you want to increase productivity and save money by way of a reliable automated time and attendance solution, kindly fill-out this form and we’ll get in touch with you immediately for a free consultation.

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Service Delivery Center

CPI Outsourcing is now venturing in expanding its reach around the world. To do this we are providing diverse business support service. In line with our mission to contribute to our clients’ business success and peace of mind, we will cater to your global needs. We will be driving your organization’s operational processes and back-end support.