Workforce Absence Manager: Leave of Absence
Workforce Absence Manager: Time-Off and Accruals
July 16, 2018
Kronos Absence Manager: Attendance
July 24, 2018

Kronos® Workforce Absence Manager™ standardizes and streamlines the administration and enforcement of organizational, local, state, and federal leave policies, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), for which noncompliance can put your organization at risk for costly fines and lawsuits. The solution allows you to control the abuse of intermittent leave time. This proven and configurable solution eliminates error-prone manual tasks so you can maintain current, accurate, and consistent employee leave records. Workforce Absence Manager provides the automated tools and information needed for effective leave management, helping your organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • CONTROL LABOR COSTS by streamlining leave of absence processes and preventing ineligible paid time off.
  • MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK by automatically enforcing organizational, federal, state, and local leave policies.
  • IMPROVE WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY by automating manual processes and accurately planning for leave coverage.

Automatically enforce leave policies for ongoing compliance.

Workforce Absence Manager automatically enforces FMLA and other organizational, local, state, and federal leave policies so nothing is left to chance. The solution makes it easy to configure standardized, rule-driven procedures for submitting, approving, and executing employee leave requests to help ensure fair, objective determination of employee eligibility and entitlement. What’s more, on-demand access to accurate, up-to-date leave data is complemented by a detailed audit trail that speeds and simplifies compliance reporting.

Eliminate tedious manual tasks and minimize leave impact.

Workforce Absence Manager automates the leave of absence process, thereby reducing the risk of errors, boosting productivity, and minimizing compliance risk. The solution can automate processes such as requesting a leave of absence, checking eligibility, generating documentation, sending notification reminders, and following up. Instantly generate leave-related documents such as the Certificate of the Healthcare Provider and the Rights and Responsibilities forms. It automatically tracks, manages, and calculates accruals and submits leave of absence requests — all based on your organizational policies. You can also track both paid and unpaid time concurrently. If an employee is not covered under FMLA, Workforce Absence Manager gives the information needed to have the interactive conversation with the employee on his or her other leave options, such as Americans with Disabilities Act and company leave. Plus, real-time alerts provide managers with the granular information they need to take action on leave of absence requests, including intermittent leave, and plans for necessary coverage to maintain productivity.

Drive organizational efficiencies for bottom-line results.

When you automate and streamline your leave of absence processes with Workforce Absence Manager, you create a more efficient organization to help you control labor costs. With greater insight into employee leave cases, you can better plan for gaps in scheduling to minimize the impact on business operations — and find, in advance, qualified and cost-effective replacements to control overtime expenses. You also can manage the intermittent abuses that can occur with leave by controlling the duration and frequency of intermittent time. Automated leave policy updates and flexible application rules allow you to determine employee leave eligibility, control the order in which leave balances must be used, and monitor time-off balances to prevent ineligible participants from taking time off and being paid for it. You’ll be tapping into efficiencies that control labor costs to immediately impact your bottom line.

“Managing complicated family and medical leave can be a nightmare, but the Kronos system eases the burden.” — Leave Administrator Debra Walters, East Alabama Medical Center

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