Workforce Absence Manager: Time-Off and Accruals
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July 11, 2018
Workforce Absence Manager: Leave of Absence
July 18, 2018

Trying to measure, track, and report on employee time off and paid time off (PTO) using time-consuming, error-prone manual processes or in disparate systems just doesn’t cut it anymore. It drains productivity, drives up costs, and ultimately hurts your bottom line. Now there’s an easier and better way to manage employee time off. The Kronos® Workforce Absence Manager™ solution automatically enforces your time-off policies — consistently and accurately — to virtually eliminate potential abuse by employees and ensure that policies are applied fairly across the organization. As part of the Workforce Central® suite, managers have one place to go to manage time off (accruals), which is fully integrated into your timekeeping solution and thereby improves productivity of your payroll team. The solution provides the complete automation and high-quality information your organization needs to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. It also lessens the administrative burden of complying with state or municipality sick leave regulations. By effectively managing accruals, employees are able to take the time off earned and management is able to understand the organizational leave liability.

Key Benefits:

  • CONTROL LABOR COSTS. The ability to report accrual balances in real time reduces the potential for mistakes and abuse.
  • MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK. Centralization of time-off policies enables consistent, accurate enforcement.
  • IMPROVE WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY. Automated tools help expedite or eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks associated with managing time off.

Beat the costs and risks of employee time off.

Workforce Absence Manager automates and standardizes the application of complex policies related to nearly all forms of employee time off — including sick time, vacation time, personal time, “floating holidays,” and more. So you can enforce your rules consistently and fairly. This changes the conversation from time-off policies to one related to the tasks at hand. The solution can also improve the accuracy and efficiency of your time-off processes and boost the productivity of your employees, payroll teams, and managers alike. Visibility is given to management with regard to leave liability to enable you to effectively manage your finances.

Put an end to employee abuse of time-off policies.

The Workforce Absence Manager solution enables you to stay on top of employee entitlements by reporting time-off balances in real time, reducing the potential for overdrawn balances and helping prevent time-off transactions that violate organizational or regulatory rules. It also provides automated capabilities that enable you to restrict the number of accrued hours an employee may carry over from one year to the next — based on your own rules. All these features help you be certain that employees are taking only the time off to which they are entitled. So you can
control the total cost to the organization of these entitlements. And maximize your bottom line.

Take the guesswork out of managing compliance risk.

Because your time-off policies are distilled and configured into a single, centralized system, you no longer have to worry about individual managers or administrators interpreting these policies on their own — and applying them inconsistently or incorrectly. Instead, Workforce Absence Manager helps bolster compliance processes with the ability to systematically apply organizational, state, and municipal paid sick and time-off policies. What’s more, because Workforce Absence Manager displays accrual balances in real time, you’ll gain a crystal-clear picture of your actual PTO liability — which will help enhance your compliance efforts. This real-time processing benefit stands in stark contrast to the often out-of-date accrual balances associated with the antiquated batch-processing approach typically favored by ERP systems.

Leverage automated tools to drive productivity.

Give your managers and employees automated tools that can improve their productivity by expediting or eliminating common, repetitive, and administrative tasks. For example, Workforce Absence Manager uses automated workflow combined with alerts to notify managers when employees request time off. Displaying accrual balances in real time gives your supervisors “at their fingertips” decision support so you can eliminate paperwork and wasted time. What’s more, by taking advantage of convenient self-service capabilities, your employees can view their accruals online via their mobile or tablet device, or via a kiosk or wall-mounted terminal, and request time off on their own, freeing supervisors and HR and payroll staff members from having to respond to these common inquiries. Finally, once a time-off request is approved, the data is automatically recorded and applied to update the employee’s online schedule — increasing visibility into team coverage requirements. So you can take immediate steps to eliminate coverage gaps and improve the overall productivity of your frontline workforce.

“Employees have responded very positively to the fact that there is not a two-week wait in obtaining
accurate accounts of personal time.” — Michel Boeckx, Chief Technology Officer, Aker Philadelphia Shipyard

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